My Goal Of Earning My Degree

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There are multiple difficulties that I will face as I work toward my goal of earning my degree in nursing. I am a mother of a little boy with special needs. My son has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome and he’s sick frequently, when he gets sick he usually has seizures, so unless someone is CPR certified I don’t let anyone watch him. That being said, child care for my son will be one of the biggest difficulties I will face. I will probably miss a lot of school for that reason. Finances may also be a problem I face. I don’t have a very stable financial situation, but to be honest, what college student does? Life throws unexpected set-backs every day. You never know when your car will break down, it snows too much to get to school, or you wake up with the flu. Child care is a major problem for any mother, but being a mother and a college student makes it even more difficult. There are limitations to who can watch my son due to the fact that he has Wolf- Hirschhorn Syndrome and epilepsy. Many people wouldn’t know how to react if my son had a seizure in their care. My mom helps me with child care tremendously, but she cannot always watch Bentley because she also works. My son’s father would know how to react to a seizure, but there is currently a restraining order against him. His father got addicted to drugs and alcohol and just wasn’t himself anymore. So with limited people to watch my son, it will be a major set-back to studying, attending school, and doing homework. To prevent

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