My Goals Of Education

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My mom is one of the motivations for me to continue and finish my education. Despite everything my mom sacrificed for me I was stubborn and lazy and barely attempted to pass my classes which in the end added more stress to my mom’s list. I’ve always disappointed her so I feel in order start to pay her back for everything she’s done I need to finish school by graduating high school and college then helping her out with money. She’s always motivated me to do better to show other people who looked down on me that I can do better. Many other things motivate me like the need to succeed because of the people who didn’t believe I could do anything because I slacked off when I was younger. People would always say that my mom raised us wrong and after we stopped going to private school and began going to public school. They looked down on my mom and my sisters as well as me. They would always talk bad about us behind our backs despite being related to us. Fake smiles when we were around from when I was young despite never doing anything bad to them. They’ve helped me want to show them that I will do better than them to show them how their doubt has pushed me. These things and people are very important in my life because they give me the will to continue and be better than I am now and be better in the future too. Despite having to prove myself to a lot of people some goals of mine are to get grades over 80 and bring up my GPA to a 3.0 or higher. For me to get grades above 80 I must

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