My Grandfather : A Short Story

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I knew I had support from my family. Especially my grandfather. He was everything to me. He was very smart and was very wise with everything he said. My family has always been there. One day my grandfather made sure I knew. He was and always will be my lifeline. Everything had been happening so fast. I had attended a Catholic school from kindergarten to third grade. After being one of only the few non catholic kids my parents decided to transfer me to the public school where my dad had been working at. If moving away from all of my friends wasn't big enough, my parents told us we had to start watching our money. Mostly because they were both going back to school to get their teaching degrees. It wasn't the fact we had to watch our money that hurt, it was the fact that in doing so we had to move from our house. This house had been in my family for generations. My grandpa had grown up in the house. He then raised his children in the house. Then my mother was going to raise my brother and I, in this house. It was set on about 2 acres of land with more fields surrounding it. It was big and sat on top of a hill. It looked like a castle sitting up there with its two stories and long steps leading up to the doorway. I loved that house and the idea of moving out of it made me so upset I cried for three days straight. But we had to move because it was just too big and too expensive. About two years later my parents hit me with another dagger. That day had been pretty much normal.

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