My Grandfather

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The last time I saw my grandfather in person was summer of 2015. He was visiting our family in the US. I remember taking him to Washington D.C and we walked the whole day to all the museums and monuments. I was exhausted at the end of the day and I was surprised that he was able to keep up at age 72. Even about a month before he left, talking to him on video chat did not give me any indication that he was going away anytime soon. What’s remarkable about death is that it can come so suddenly. Let alone for others, even he probably did not expect his death to come so suddenly. For him, death means that he will go somewhere else depending on what his beliefs are. But for me, death of my grandparent is very strange. Normally when I go back to China, I would stay at his place. He is always around to handle the chores around the house and making demands of others because of his teaching background and stubborn personality. But this time when I came back, it wasn’t the same. The subconscious expectation I had was completely shattered. I no longer hear that loud shouting noise in the background, or that intellectual-toned conversation with his students. I realized that I took for granted to what has been there for a long time, and when I lost it, I felt extremely depressed. For the first week, sleeping became an issue for me, not because I wasn’t tired or anything, but because I was somewhat afraid of going to sleep. I fear that when I enter my dreams, my grandfather would be

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