My Grandmother Gambling Research Paper

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An event that has drastically changed my way of thinking was the discovery of my grandmother’s gambling addiction. It was not until two years ago that I had acquired any knowledge of this problem. At that time my grandmother had just moved up to North Carolina, nearby my house. I had been told that she was moving due to insignificant rental payments on her house in Florida. I had always assumed that she could not make those payments due to limited retirement income, though that was not the case. Once I had overheard my mother’s phone conversation about my grandmother’s gambling problem, it became apparent that gambling was the source of my grandmother’s many financial issues. I immediately inquired about my grandmother, hoping my mother could reveal an explanation aside from the truth I was unwilling to confront. My mother had to tell me the truth, which was that my grandmother had been gambling long before I was born.
At first, I was aghast by this
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At this point, my parents had to constantly check on her, to ensure that she was not going to gamble away the remainder of her wealth. These events have caused a great strain on my family, but we still love her and continue with our attempts to encourage her to engage in hobbies less detrimental to her bank account. Being continuously impacted by the decisions of another person has caused me to ponder who could possibly be impacted by my decisions before I finalize them. I have always known that even the minuscule choices that I make and have made can impact others on a large scale, but it was not until I had been affected at such an elevated level that I truly understood this. Critical thought towards a solution still ensues, though I have often found myself feeling powerless in assisting my grandmother with her gambling addiction, as she refuses to distinguish it as a
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