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My Grandmothers Garden One of the most influential places in my life was my grandmothers’ garden; the garden was on half of an acre and was large by California standards. The majority of the houses had very little space for a yard if there was even a yard at all. My grandma wanted a garden when they bought the house: so my grandpa dug up all the sod in the backyard, to make a space for the garden. My grandmother’s garden was important to me because; that is where she shared her secrets of gardening and taught me how the differences between caring for peach and lemon trees and how they grow differently. My grandma would share her secrets of gardening while we walked around the path that was in the garden. The garden had a very nice path, around every plant so it was easier to take care of, I am not sure who put the path in, my grandpa or my uncle. The soil was very dark and very rich; it was also very sandy, which meant it drained well. The garden was very beautiful although it had no flowers. I was always impressed that there were never any weeds to be seen. My grandma also taught me what plants not to grow together, she found out that when two squashes were planted together; they cross pollinated. She had pumpkins and yellow squash that she grew together in the same place that cross pollinated. When she planted the seeds the next year that she had saved from the previous year: she got a cross between a pumpkin and a yellow squash. I also learned that I liked
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