My Grandpa’s Gift: The Power of Positivity

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My Grandpa’s Gift: The Power of Positivity
Throughout all of the hardships I have faced, it has always been key for me to keep my head up and maintain an optimistic outlook on life. I have proven to myself that with the right attitude and energy it is possible to overcome something as little as a bad day to a life-altering obstacle. Simply put, positive attracts positive and that is a philosophy I have revolved my life around. This view of positivity was not born within my own mind, but was taught to me by my Grandpa John Doewho always knew how to flip a poor mood of mine into hours of laughing and playing piano together. He showed me that staying positive in any situation is the key to happiness, which is now something I have become a firm believer in.
My grandpa John Doe was truly one of a kind. Not a day will go by that I do not think about him; his humor keeps me smiling and laughing, and whenever times get tough I think of his positive attitude and contagious optimism. In 2008, my grandpa was diagnosed with bladder cancer. We were told they had caught it early, but the thought of ourJohn Doe with cancer was unbearable. Over time, the cancer had metastasized to his spine, bones, and finally to his brain. As he grew sicker, he never stopped fighting and I am convinced that he had years of quality time that he would not have had if he did not have such a positive attitude and spirit.
About a year after he had been diagnosed, his health deteriorated rapidly. He was
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