My Great Uncle Was A Great Man

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Have you ever had someone in your family that you’re extremely close to? I have many close family members, but no one was as close to me as my great uncle. Memories you have of a family member will forever be in your heart, and your mind. My great uncle was a great man. He was like a brother to me. He was always there for me when I needed him and when I was down. We had so many great memories. At every family gather he would always chase me around because I was younger before he passed away. He always would sneak snacks to all the little kids. Uncles have a special role. Not being our father, they can be a friend and a supporter in a different way than anyone else in our lives. They are both a relative and a companion; one of the few people able to be both. Whether they are crazy and weird and only seen at holidays or our best buddy and mentor, the loss of an uncle is a particularly hard one. Their loss, however, is filled with the years of happy memories we had, and that special connection that belongs only to uncles.
My uncle was my best friend. I could tell him everything, he was always there for me. We had so many great memories today. We would always play card games at every holiday. Every time we were together, we would go out to my great grandparent’s back yard and climb the tree. We would sit in the tree for hours, laughed and made jokes. Our favorite snack was baby tomatoes out of the garden with a little salt on them. My uncle would always sneak me sweets, he told

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