My Greatest Fear: Having the Same Relationship with My Little Brother as I Do with My Older Sister

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My greatest fear: Having the same relationship with my little brother as I do with my older sister.

My best childhood memory: Early in the morning fresh from returning from the greatest place on earth Disney World, we would sneak into the kitchen by crawling on the floor like tiny ninjas. We were not looking for cookies or pancakes. The mission was to find the Harry Potter jellybeans, a straw bag full of a child’s jellybean dreams and nightmares. We saw the target…we grabbed it and went on our way. Mission complete. Our parents are deeply sleeping in their bed. Now, we could play our favorite yet disgusting game. First, we would turn on the television to watch Spongebob Squarepants. Next, we would get a pillow to lay our heads when we …show more content…

Vianca, a fourteen-year old girl (she was the youngest in her grade) was caught making out with Christian, a nineteen-year old boy on the security camera. “I will be at the school in five minutes,” said my mom. I was deeply focused on my classwork when my fourth-grade teacher pulled me aside from the class and told me that I needed to go to the principal’s office because my mom was going to pick me. Naturally, I was filled with joy because I was going to leave school early, but a question popped into mind. Why did I need to go to the principal’s office? I disregarded the thought and packed up my things. I slowly walked to principal’s office with my head down and thoughts rushing through my mind. What had happened? Is everything all right? Yet, the questions did not help the situations, for none of my questions were going to get answered any time soon. Once I finally put my head up, I had arrived. I gradually reached for the door in fear of what was to come. I opened the door to find the exact picture I was hoping not to see. My sister was sobbing while my mom was shouting in rapid Spanish. “What is wrong with you?” howled my mom.
“I was just kissing a boy! It is not like I am selling drugs or something!” replied my sister. “For all I know you could be because it seems like I don’t you anymore!” Confusion devoured me. I was eagerly trying to figure everything, but I was too young to put this puzzle together.

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