My Group Of Students During And After The Lesson

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I plan to assess my group of students during and after the lesson. During the lesson they will be working alone and in groups. I will walk around and check if they are able to unscramble and circle the correct answers for the worksheets given. Also, the students who finish early will write real-life sentences on their own using the correct singular/plural subject matching the singular/plural verb. My strategy behind this will be to understand if they are able to create their own sentences. On the other hand, I will assist any students who are having difficulties with either subject’s verb. I will be walking around to answer any questions and praise those who are on the right track. At the end of the week, I will organize a “formal” test.…show more content…
Writing and reading will be part of the exercises as well as speaking-my challenge will be “to make these written exercises involving, interesting, and collaborative” (Hedgcock & Ferris 2009, p. 99). Principles and Theory: I learned important principles to answer the question, “Why is teaching grammar important.” I am unable to mention all of the principles because of time and space. Nevertheless, the principles I have acquired will make me a “doer” to practice in my, future, classroom. As a novice teacher, it is important for me to know and keep in mind how much I should talk. This is important because I would not like my students feeling overwhelmed or stress with all the information given. I learned that the recommended time for a teacher to speak is an average of 20% (Bennet 2016, Slide 10). The remaining percentage is 80% in which students should be able to engage with other students through activities relating to Total Physical Response (TPR). Having this in my mind, I have incorporated principles that I have learned to construct my lesson plans. Also, I planned to intertwine these principles with other rules, also learned through other readings, to teach students better. In addition, principles reflect on the rules. Therefore, I will mention rules that lead to productive principles in my classroom. First, before the lesson it’s important I should “acknowledge that they would have
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