My Heart Pain In My Life

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Have you felt that you were going to lose someone that you are really close to? Would you know how to handle it if you were a kid? That is how I felt when I saw my mom having heart pains time to time and not knowing what is actually happening. Her heart pains were not scarp, but more acute pain, which I can see she was affected by it. After the pains gradually got worse, my mom finally decided to go to the hospital and what happened next scared me. My mom found out that she had a heart tumor, called Left Atrial Myxoma. My Initial thoughts were worse than my worst nightmares; having those thoughts were too much for me to handle. I would spend nights and days thinking about what is actually going to happen to someone I love with all my heart, the person who took care and raised me.
Let’s start on how I came to find out of my mom having a heart tumor, it towards the end of my freshman year of high school, going into the summer break. Summer break, was something I looked towards as going out in the sun, hanging out with friends till late night, and going to beaches. Who knew things were going to change. The whole time, I thought my mom was doing well and was fine, but I did not notice at times she was not feeling 100%. Shortly after a month, I would notice she was having chest pains and be short of breath after walking up the stairs, which is not normal. However, things seem to take a turn when my mom started to more in discomfort as days went by and her minor symptoms

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