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The Heartbreak Within a Seven Year Old Girl I had my first heartbreak when I was seven and it was because of my dad. I asked my mom several times, “Was it my fault?” and she would always say no. For the longest time, all I did was cry and was wanting my family to come back together and not apart. It took a toll on me, not seeing my father everyday because we were just so close. But he was the one who ruined our family.
My parents always had their problems. They fought about every little thing, and it was miserable. The screaming, the fighting, the physical and mental abuse to my mother was just terrifying. I would just sit there and listen while crying. One night they were fighting about bills, and all of a sudden it turned into a mad house or something. My brother came and got me out of the living room while it was going on because I was screaming at my father to stop hurting my mom. Another day my mom, my brother, my sister, and i were leaving to go to Destin and while we were about to leave, my dad shows up and starts yelling at my mom and physically hurting her again. But this time, my brother got him off of her and then my father realized that we had seen everything he’s done to her.
I had a rough childhood. Parents divorced and always moving house to house because my mom didn't have enough money to live on our own so we had to live with my grandparents for the longest time until she was good on money. My mom would cry every night knowing that her husband had an

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