Todoroki Enji My Own Failure

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Todoroki Enji is a lot of things, he’s a shitty father, a terrible husband and a miserable human being in general, but he is a great hero. He didn’t reach where he is today by being an idiot, that’s why it came as quite a shock when failed to assimilate to the role as the number one hero and the symbol of peace position.
Sifting through various pages of the manga and re-watching episodes I have found the underlying cause for this failure, he has become a person, a character and not a brand anymore.

Business and brands go hand in hand together, but what is a brand in world of My Hero Academia. It can either be a hero or the hero office. Look no further than Ochako instantly recognizing the Tenya family name with their logo flashing in her mind, recognizing the brand name due to their longevity and success in what they have done from past work, they have a solid structure as a business with ready influx of work which attributes to there name brand status and how they manage there bussiness.

Hero offices can be translated into business, while they are employed by the government they aren’t civil servants, working on a commission basis and are ranked by cooperating on arrests and rescuing innocents. Then they go through inspections by specialized agencies and get their salaries. On the side of this they are allowed to take other jobs such as star in commercials, take interviews and all the manner of other merchandising deals, these actions cause them to rise in popularity

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