My Hero In Bryan Ross Mcdonald's Life

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What do you think of when you hear the word “hero”? You probably think of Superman or Batman, superheroes like them. Well, you don't have to save the world from a villain to be considered a hero. I’m going to tell you a little bit about my personal hero and his life. On July 25, 1978, Bryan Ross McDonald was born in Murphy, North Carolina. I don't know much about his early life but here is what I do know. He had a mom and a dad and and a brother. He didn't know that shortly, his life would change, first for the worse, then for the better. When he was around two years old, his mother Elizabeth passed away. After her death, his father remarried and the lady was not nice. It seemed like she hated Bryan. She did a lot of things to him that showed that. One day, his step mother told him that she had to go to the doctor. She dropped him off at his aunt and uncle’s house. He probably didn't realise it, but his life was about to get better. She never came back for him. His aunt and uncle let him live with them and they treated him like their own child. They sent him to school, they fed him, they gave him clothes, and much more. He went to school in Murphy for most of his life, but then he started going to Andrews. His aunt and uncle couldn’t take him all the way to Andrews so he had to walk to the state shed so that the bus could pick him up. During the…show more content…
He is my father. He is my hero because he went through a lot of stuff when he was younger, but he continues to be happy every day and doesn’t focus on the past. He sees what he has in this moment and is happy with it. He has a beautiful wife and two children. He works hard to make sure that we are happy. Whenever one of us is sad or just hateful, he never fails to make us laugh and put us in a better mood. I hate what happened to him when he was younger, but I feel like it made him stronger. It made him the man he is today, and I wouldn’t trade that for the
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