My Hero Is An Epic Hero?

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Two kids argue in a schoolyard. “My hero is better than yours! He’s faster, stronger, and can defeat a thousand men at once! And he can run four thousand miles in two seconds!” “Well my hero is much better than yours! He’s smarter, braver and can outsmart his enemies in like, two seconds so there!” Every kid argues at some point about which hero they think is better. But is there really a way to measure which hero is better? What are the criteria for a hero, and more specifically, an epic hero, which are oftentimes considered to be the “original heroes” from older times. One of the most famous epic heroes and who is also considered the original hero is a guy named Beowulf. But was he really just a guy or was he the guy who everyone says rose above himself to go on an adventure, leaving Geatland to fight a monster in the land of the Danes, the guy who killed Grendel and was strong enough to defeat not only Grendel but his mother? Even at the end when he died from a dragon’s injury he did so with honor and style. Beowulf died with an heir who made sure a monument was built for him. Is this an accurate representation the epic hero Beowulf? Does he really measure up to the standards that most people associate with epic heroes like having strength and courage? Did he win in his battles during his crazy adventure? Does he leave his world for a darker one or retreat at the sight of monstrosity and gloom? And does he end up achieving his goals?

Strength and courage are

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