My High School Graduation Speech

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Math was always a subject that I struggled with throughout all of my years in school. This was actually brought to my attention when I was getting ready for my high school graduation party a few years ago. I was putting together an album of various pictures and other documents of things I had collected throughout my life, from Prekindergarten to my senior year of high school. Some of these documents included school projects, documentation from my school of how much I 'd grown in a year, and most importantly my report cards. While looking at them, I realized, how consistently average, or in some cases below average, I was in math.
I had also struggled with many of my other subjects in elementary school. I had to attend after school tutoring for both math and reading, and was pulled out of my classroom for extra help with reading. As well as, I attended summer school once. While I eventually learned to enjoy reading, I always dreaded math. It wasn 't uncommon for me to start crying while doing my math homework every night.
One thing I specifically remember about math was in third grade. We were learning multiplication and we had to watch videos that took place in a classroom and it assigned different classroom objects to a specific number. For example, the flag was the number three. So, I specifically remember the video asking us something like, "Multiply the flag times the moose." Somehow, this was supposed to be how we learned to multiply. I remember having trouble

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