My Home Essay

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Home has been the center piece of my life since I was born. It has been more than just a place for me to come in and lay my head down at night. It always has been and always will be the safety blanket for my life. It has been the place of several memories over the course of my lifetime; memories that I will never forget. Inside my home, there are many artifacts that describe me as an individual person and have shaped me into the man I am today. My home and the artifacts that it withholds have instilled in me the personal values and norms that help me carry myself as a person, day in and day out. Anytime I hear the word home, memories and stories that my home has given me begin to race through my head like a runaway train. Home is a place in the world that will no doubt in my mind relate to me at any point in my life. This haven-like dwelling can be described as an overflowing spring with an abundance of love and support. Throughout my life my mother and father have taught me about roots. Roots in a sense is basically your home, or the foundation of your life such as where you come from and how you were brought up. Along with my parents, my home and the things it withholds has had a part in raising me. My home is like an old history textbook that someone would find in their attic. It is full of old artifacts that could arguably tell you my families, values, culture, and makeup just by looking at them. One specific artifact that is true and dear to me is an old, almost

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