A place called home

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There is no place like home! It is no doubt about it that everyone has somewhere that they have adapted to long enough to call it there home! A place they can relax and really be their selves, for some it may have been their grandparents house, aunties house or wherever they felt comfortable. Well I of course felt comfortable in my own home, a four bedroom house on the west side of North Miami. My home in Miami was perfect I had my own room, I was very comfortable there, and it was a place to get away from the world. Furthermore, the reason why I loved my house so much is because I had my own room. As a child I had to share rooms with my sister in a 8 broom house filled with my family until my mother decided …show more content…

After a long day of the real world home was a place to get away from everything on the outside. When I would step foot into my house every problem I had through out the day stayed out side on the porch. I never brought my problems home because home is suppose to be a problem free zone, a place to relax your mind. I did a lot a thinking when I was behind the walls of my home. Sometimes I would stay

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