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Short Paragraph on Your Home or My Home

Where is your home situated?
How is it furnished?
How are the rooms used?
What is there on the wall?
How does the home look?
How do you feel about your home?

Answer: my home is situated in a village in the district of patuakhali. It is a home of a two-storied tin-shed building. It faces to the south and looks very beautiful. It has as many as eight rooms. We use four rooms and bedrooms, One for guests and the other three for the five members of the family. The other four rooms used as reading room, store-room, drawing from and dining room. There hang a few nice pictures of charming views, photographs and handiworks on the walls. There are a bathroom, a sanitary latrine and a kitchen at a little distance from the house. There is a beautiful flower garden in front of the house. There is a big pond besides the kitchen. A few fruit tress have been planted on the three sides of the pond. It is really very sweet to look into. We are quite happy to live in this house. We feel like saying after the poet,“Home, home, sweet home; there is no place like home.”


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It is a village collage called ratanpur, upazilla nabinagar in B.Baria district. The main house is mainly made of bricks. It is a big house with wide windows on all sides and doors on two sides. There are two bed rooms, one sitting room and one dining room. Each and every of the rooms are well-furnished and spotlessly neat and clean. It is well ventilated. Sufficient air and light can get into it. The home is surrounded with green trees in three sides. It has an ample yard. The home is very beautiful to look at. A lovely flowers garden is in front of the gate fo the house. So, the home is very comfortable to live in. I have a separate reading room in it. I use it as my bed room too. I like my home very much because it is an ideal house to live in

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