My Hometown

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My hometown is a lonely little island that floats in the middle of the East China Sea. It is a fairly small island where the weather is sunny year long. There is no official language since it is such a small island, rather the islanders speak a mix of Chinese, Korean and Japanese. It is such a small island that we have a population of barely over 1,000 people. Everyone lives a peaceful life, until one day… … It all starts in the morning, where I am watching the morning news with my sister, Eun-Ji. “Today, a young woman is mysteriously killed,” the news reporter begins. “When the doctors arrive at the scene, they noticed that there were three slashes on her front and back. The doctors believe that this was the cause of her death,” the news reporter continues. Death at a young age is not unusual for people that live on our island, but what is unusual is that this woman was murdered and that does never ever happened in the history of the island where the crime rate is practically zero. Later, as I arrive at the Korean market to buy my groceries, I hear the ajumma and ajusshi gossiping about the news. “Did you hear that a girl died yesterday!” one asks another. “Yes, yes! Not in 100 years has this ever happened on this island before!” the other replies. I return to my apartment after shopping and prepare lunch for my sister. I am in the middle of wrapping my kimbap when suddenly sudden cry from outside the door stops me. Glancing at my sister, Eun-Ji, who is watching

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