My Ideal Future In The NBA

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My ideal future had always been the same thing since I was a little kid. My ideal future is my dream job and that is to play in the NBA. What better future to have than you doing something you love to do and I love playing basketball with a passion. It’s the prefect thing for me to do and I’m motivated to make it happen. That is the future I am striving for. My profession is to play in the NBA and be one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Playing in the NBA would mean the world to me. The passion I have for the game of basketball is crazy I really love the game so much. What made me love basketball so much and want play it my mom, dad, uncle, and older brother motivated me to play. Also I remember watching a basketball game on tv when I was younger it was the 1999 NBA playoff game and seeing how hard they was playing to go to the next round had me hook on to basketball ever since and I never turned my back on the game. My family life would be amazing if I play in the NBA. I want to have a beautiful wife that knows how to hold her own and have my back. My wife don’t have to be a famous or a model , I just want my wife to be someone I can vibe with and someone I can talk about anything to as a best friend. I want to have two to three kids maybe more but I just love kids so much. I want to have one boy and one girl. I want to have a big family also I want to have a pet dog for my kids and wife to play with while I’m on the road playing. I want to make enough
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