My Identity And Identity

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Sunday mornings my mother in the kitchen singing in Spanish cooking breakfast for everyone afterward we would head to church, a Latino congregation. My parents would be talking in Spanish, I would always understand what they were saying when they would talk with me speaking English or Spanish interchangeably back to them. It never occurred to me that other kids’ parents do not speak another language because I was so used to both. As I grew up I was always called the gringa (white girl) of the family. From neighbors to classmates, co-workers, and people I interacted with in general did not think I was Latina because I have fair skin and naturally blonde hair but light brown eyes, my brother, and, father have green eyes and blonde hair too. It never really bothered me until I realized later as I grew up and started to navigate the world more on my own that I saw it as an issue. Being confronted by people who challenge me on my own identity has given me another identity in which I must defend and prove that the labels I put on myself are mine and I do not need to meet your requirements for you to accept that I am who I say I am. When meeting people they do not assume that we are Latino, let alone that my father is from Michoacán, Mexico. With the physical features, I assume we did not fit what might be considered what a stereotypical Latinos look like we all come in different colors, shapes, and size. Growing up my father has an accent I would say it was not heavy but it was

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