My Idiocy Of Humanity

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Idiocy of Humanity I am tired, not physically, but emotionally and mentally. I am tired of the world and the people in it. I am tired of being stabbed in the back by people who do not care for or about me. The world is filled with hate, bigotry, sexism, racism, etcetera. People search about the world looking for acceptance in the actions we do and the people we associate with. I am tired of the world taking this from everyone, since few select people decide to make the wrong choices, why does everyone have to suffer? Why do they do this? To make others feel anguish and despair the norm for people, so as to make horrible events and experiences happen to not just them, but to everyone. I wish this wasn’t the case, so to give everyone a happier existence without being tired of the world and the people in it. I am tired of the way people are treating each other and how they treat the world they live in. People cannot just pick and choose a new place to live where everyone is already content, they must put in the effort to fix the world they are already in. The world is a tiring place with some people who only have the audacity to make everyone else’s lives a living nightmare. I am tired of people doing this, instead of bringing people down, they should bring them up and over where they started from. I am tired of the idiocy of humanity. People all over the world create problems for both the people in their own country and for those outside of it. These

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