My Interest Of Healthcare

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My interest in healthcare began in my senior year in high school. Before this revelation, I had vision problems, noticed by difficulty viewing the classroom board, and soon after was prescribed corrected lenses. I continued to have visual difficulties and sought assistants from various professionals. I later learned my deteriorated vision was due to Karatoconus (KC) – a disorder of the cornea that results in visual distortion. My ophthalmologist advised me that my condition would worsen until I eventually become blind. Because of the late stage of diagnosis, the only option available was a cornea transplant, which at the time cost US $12,000 for one eye. This was a high cost for a single parent family with two children in rural Jamaica that had an annual income of about US $4,000 – after currency conversion. So, we took to the streets and airways to fundraise, from which we raised approximately $1,200. But, it was through Lavon Moore, a nursing student at Thomas More College on a service learning trip that year, that I later formed a relationship with Dr. Kenneth Amend, who volunteered to perform my surgery for free. Furthermore, this experience inspired me to enter the healthcare field. I recognized that there were many that shared similar circumstances – possess health issues, and lacked the necessary funds to cover the cost – but were not as fortunate as me. Therefore, I embarked on a journey, through the sciences at Thomas More College, with the career goal to become an
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