My Journey As A Service Coordinator

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As a service coordinator, it is our job to provide support, coaching, referrals, and resources needed so that the family and children involved in EI are able to achieve their outcomes and successfully function once discharged out of Early Intervention. Although I am only beginning my journey as a service coordinator, I have been assigned to work with over 40 families of different incomes, races, ethnicities, and cultures. As a service coordinator I find the most intrinsic value when working for families of oppressed populations. In my own personal experience as a member of a minority Hispanic culture and f families of minority cultures are less likely to be educated on early childhood development and the importance of intervening as soon as possible. For that reason, I try my best to provide as much education as possible around the strategies I bring forth to assist the child, which often includes articles, offering workshop sessions and bringing in additional therapists onto the team. In addition to working with families of minority cultures, many children are often referred to early intervention through the department of children youth and families. Families involved in dcyf are often experiencing many difficult circumstances including no housing, mental illness, domestic abuse and many others. These circumstances often leave families feeling vulnerable, helpless, and without options. It is especially crucial and important to provide support and guidance to help empower
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