Service Experience Diary Report : The Baroq House

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Service Experience Diary Report: The Baroq House

Elena Youngman

Marketing Services & Experiences

1st May 2015
Victoria University

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Executive Summary
In order to complete my report on service experience, I was required to attend a venue as a mystery shopper and document my time within a chosen organisation in order to allow me to analyse customer expectations, and to help aid me with recommendations on how things could be improved. I chose Baroq House nightclub, as it is has been recommended to me by various friends and seems to be well attended and popular. It is located in Melbourne CBD and enforces a dress code, meaning it attracts more up market customers. I visited the venue with six female friends in early
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A risk we were concerned about was that some of us may be denied entry for not being dressed correctly, someone being too intoxicated or the venue reaching full capacity early on, meaning the bouncers could simply pick and choose who they wanted and as we weren’t familiar with any of the staff this probably wouldn’t have been us.
Upon arrival, we waited in the queue for about 10 minutes, the weather was warm and we were all chatting therefore this time passed quickly. Once inside, we had to wait another 10 minutes at the bar in order to get a drink. The barmaid then messed up one of our orders, which meant another 10 minutes trying to get her attention to change it. This put us all in a bit of a bad mood as our night was just starting out and things already weren’t going smoothly, plus, we just wanted to get away from the crowded bar and wander around and have a dance. The barmaid however, was super apologetic and gave us a free shot each to compensate which meant she was completely forgiven as far as we were concerned!
We then walked round and started making friends. The other patrons were a mixture of a few in the corner who seemed more stuck up and as though they were looking down their noses and us and the people in the middle of the dance floor who didn’t have a care in the world and were thoroughly enjoying a good old boogie to some 'RnB '. Overall, the venue itself looked rather tired and
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