My Left Foot

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At the time Christy was born, families often sent their disabled children to live in care homes, or kept them shut away in a back room. Christy’s experience was very different. How did his experience of family impact on his life?

Christy Brown was born in 1932. He was one of 22 children born into a large, poor Irish family; he was one of the thirteen that were able to survive. He was different to his other siblings because he was born with cerebral palsy and was unable to control his speech or his movement, apart from his left foot. He used his left foot to communicate with his family, and also used it to paint and type. It gave him a lot of confidence and joy in his life.

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His father and brothers didn’t wanted to help, therefore Christy’s mother decide to built it by herself even she doesn’t know how to build it, this is all because of Christy.

The successfulness of Christy is a result of his hard work and the support, encouragement and motivation that he received from his family and friends. Other than his mother, his siblings and friends played an important role in his life. They included him in their activities as much as possible. Christy’s

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