My Letter By Myles Coverdale

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I want to extend my sincere apology to all of my readers for the absents of my posting, however it was not my decision to be absent on the web as my computer decided to rebelled and spent weeks in the shop retrieving my documents. I am thankful for the repair shop for retrieving all of my important documents. I want personally thank all who was concerned about my absents. I was able to receive my Email on an old computer.
Now I want to return to the closing section of our study on “Understanding our Bible
Today we pick up with a look at the Coverdale translation”

Myles Coverdale was born in 1488, very little is known about his early life. , Coverdale became an Augustinian friar. He was at the house of the Augustinians. In 1535 Coverdale produced the first complete printed translation of the Bible into English. He became a important leader in religious history. His theological development is a paradigm of the progress of the English Reformation from 1530 to 1552.

John Rogers, a friend of Tyndales picked up the pen where Tyndale left off and finished translating the Hebrew Old Testament. In 1539 These were printed in England and the publisher was so impressed with what he saw, he went to the Archbishop of Canterbury, in an effort to get the approval to have them published. The Archbishop consented to help and took them to the King for approval, the King granted his approval. This Bible was printed under an alias; the
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