My Life As An Undocumented Immigrant Summary

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Being a culturally diverse person in American society implies that you have ancestors from different countries. I have two ethnically diverse Grandmothers who are legal immigrants turned citizens, and have studied the process for obtaining citizenship status in the United States, which means I can understand and relate somewhat to those who have faced the same struggles coming into the United States. In the article, My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant, by Jose Antonio Vargas, he tells his story of being an illegal immigrant and the struggles that are associated with his situation: his life as a child, struggling with integrating into western culture, his teen years, living a muted life because of his situation, and his adult life, jumping …show more content…

Trouble arose in his 16th year, as he tried to acquire a driver’s license. The D.M.V. informed him that his green card was fake and that he should not return. He then asked his grandfather about it, who told him that the documents were falsified and that they had been purchased so that Mr. Vargas could stay in America. In high-school, Mr. Vargas took hours upon hours watching television, not for the entertainment, but so that he could imitate the accents of the people on television and learn better English. He devoured everything from books, to magazines, to newspapers, trying to learn how to read and write more proficiently. Eventually, Mr. Vargas became working age, which meant he had to get a Social Security Number. He went to the Social Security Administration and using a falsified passport, he was able to get a temporary SSN. He then placed tape over “I.N.S. authorization.” on the card and photocopied it. With this card, he was able to get jobs around the neighborhood like a normal citizen would. He even worked for the local news while still in high-school. Inside school, he publicly announced that he was gay and he also built up a “network” of incredible friends who would help him out very …show more content…

Vargas is an exceptional individual. Although he had many falls, he was able to rise to the occasion and come forward as an honest man, declaring his citizenship status. Unfortunately, Mr. Vargas was deported. He lived the American Dream for most of his life here, and yet, he is unable to stay because of the simple fact that he was not born here. I understand that this man may have done everything right except for his citizenship status. My issue is not with Mr. Vargas himself. He seems to be a man of commendable nature. My issue is with how this article is presented in the textbook, Everyone’s an Author, as if he is the common cover for the magazine of all illegal immigrants. This is obviously not the case, as he is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Sydney Award winner, and Freedom to Write Award for his work as an author. He is a laudable example of an American immigrant. Unfortunately, not all immigrants are this way: Despite the illegal immigrants only being a small percentage of our population(“41 Shocking Illegal Immigration Statistics.”), they make up over twenty percent of the crime in the USA, excluding immigration crimes. That is a fact. (“Non-Citizens Committed a Disproportionate Share of Federal Crimes, 2011-16.”) What I am trying to say, is that the common illegal immigrant to the United States will not be nearly as exceptional as Mr. Vargas. Most illegal immigrants are not here to prove their worth to America or to try and improve America,

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