My Life At A Public School

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I grew up on a farm in southwestern Iowa outside of a town named Harlan. My dad is a farmer and has not moved out of our county his entire life. My mom was a teacher in the Harlan School District for 27 years, before resigning in 2013. I spent much of my childhood split between two places: our family farm and my mom’s classroom. I ran through the cornfields just as much as I ran through the hallways of her school. As time went on, I spent less time on the farm and more time in classrooms. My mom worked at a public elementary school, so that is where my parents decided to send me. I started at a public school and graduated from a public school. I have been in a public school my entire life, I want to teach in a public school as well. I like the economic and religious diversity that comes with the public school. Harlan is a small town, so there is only one private school. The private school is Catholic and has a higher tuition cost than the public school. Many students in our public school system either could not afford the tuition of the private school or were not Catholic. I like that a public school allows everyone to gain knowledge and is not just limited to a select group of individuals. There is not much racial diversity in the Harlan school district. My school was predominantly white, with maybe three or four students in each grade level who identified as a minority. Gender diversity in students was split evenly between male and female. However, most teachers were
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