Personal Narrative: My Life In Buffalo City Schools

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The year I was born, my parents left the educational woes of Buffalo City Schools and fled to the rolling hills and small town life in our tiny village of East Aurora, New York. The only house I have any recollection of is situated on a few acres of forest with a trickling stream meandering its way around the property. This setting was my first classroom and nature was my first teacher. As far as I can remember I was always enthusiastic about exploring the world outside. Nearly every morning I would walk onto the worn wooden porch down the pebbled driveway and squint into the glimmering sun reflected in the stream below. Ducking under tangled branches of old growth trees and carefully climbing over tiny saplings I would make my way down the steep bank of the stream. There I would find myself searching for more than I knew. The sense of wonder and sheer enjoyment of my daily excursions were punctuated with a deep satisfaction upon every new discovery. This setting is where I learned about the cycle of life as I witnessed tadpoles transform to frogs and hatchlings break free of their shells. Learning was as natural as life itself. It was never a chore, but that …show more content…

I longed for the earthen scent of the woods and the greenery I had grown accustomed to. Still, I tried to participate in the daily routines at school. In spite of the fact that I had always loved learning and I truly wanted to please my teacher, I was in a constant internal struggle. Although I would quietly listen as I was assigned directions, within minutes I would feel lost unable to comprehend what was expected of me. By the end of first grade my teacher had recommended that I be evaluated for a learning disability. Once labeled with central auditory processing disorder, the real torture began. Instead of joining my friends in the great outdoors for recess, I would be forced to go for extra help in Academic Intervention

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