My Life For A Profession

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Passion for a profession does not develop from one day to another; experiences help build and guide what an individual wants to dedicate their life to. In the human services field, such as counseling, most can relate to the challenges that individuals have and want to genuinely help overcome their struggles successfully. Growing up, I have had to continue with life experiencing oppression. This lead me to have a pessimistic and unfair view of life, feeling like there was no one there to help. I did not know how to cope with my situations and felt alone. I grew up in one of the lowest performing school districts in Colorado, constantly listening that my peers and I would never amount to much. I saw most of my peers drop out of school …show more content…

There are unique critical psychological implications that these individuals experience. During my undergraduate career, I focused my thesis on people who identify as LGBTQ and people of color. I went out to the community to research self-efficacy and coping and resiliency, some which were contrary to previous research. My aim for my research was to further learn about the barriers in this community from successfully completing tasks. I discovered how to better serve this population based on current issues. I want to continue this research through my graduate studies and practically apply learned knowledge and techniques on sessions once I am in practice.
Another influence to me pursuing my masters in counseling is my current job. I now work in a non-profit mental health center that serves Adams county. Although I do not have a clinical position at Community Reach Center, I am the first person that the consumer sees when they walk into CRC. In some cases, they are in a dire state of mind. I am the first person they tell their story to, which means that I must listen, understand, and guide them to the proper resources. After working in this field, I know that I can have a greater impact by earning my master’s degree. I see many individuals come in for an intake who are monolingual Spanish speakers and, in some cases, are have private insurance, which only a LPC can serve. In our intake department, the availability of a licensed Spanish speaking

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