My Life Has Me Thinking Essay

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Currently, life has me thinking “what a difference a year makes”. You see, exactly a year ago I was starting Graduate School at the Simmons College School of Social Work. In addition, I was living with the girl I believed I was going to marry. Today, one year later I am now single and have been dismissed from the Simmons College program without finishing my degree. However, I did not let the circumstances allow me to give up, because I am resilient. Resiliency is an important concept we teach our clients/community within the realm of Social Work. My year of 2016 has reminded me how vital it is to be resilient.
My dream to become an LICSW Family Therapist/Marriage Counselor is taking a different route than my original plan. My undergraduate career followed a long road with a lot of uncertainty. Uncertain of: if college was for me, and if so, what I wanted to study, and if not, what exactly I wanted to do for a career. After my freshman, year in college, I decided college was not for me. Then the year 2000 came. My high school classmates were graduating from college and landing careers, while I was jumping from job to job. I made the decision to return to college in 2001 and graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice in 2008. Before graduating, while still in college, I moved to New York in 2006 and started my career in Social Services at Graham Windham, a non-profit foster care agency. This is when I learned about the field of social work.
My then supervisor
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