My Life In A Short Story

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Sometimes things might not seem real until you see them for yourself. A mysterious island, an abandoned orphanage and a great collection of strange photos. I honestly don't know what I would have done without this book. It has actually changed my life. When I was reading it I was so into the story. When reading horrifying parts in the evening I would be to scared to move a muscle. When something great happened or something resolved I would have a round of applause in my head and relaxing feeling of relief. It's just that I felt as if I took the role of Jacob in the story. I felt as if I would stop reading then my life would be cut short. I was determined to finish it! I could not have made this book better myself. When Jacob was a child his grandfather told him stories about the peculiars and some island. One day at work Jacob gets a strange call from his Grandpa and he decides to visit him only to find him dying in the woods. Grandpa Portman with his last breath mutters out that the island is the only safe place. Jacob soon finds himself in more adventure on the island than he heard in his grandfather's stories. the setting is fantastic, full of description, creativity and so vivid. Every setting in the story sets a little mood in my head. The author does such a perfect job at describing everything. Every second of the book I feel like I'm with the characters wherever they are. He finally gets to meet these Peculiars through a path in the bog which

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