The Wave

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Who are, and what are your impressions of the following characters after those three chapters? The main characters are a couple of students and a teacher named Ben Ross. The students you get to know are, Laurie Saunders, Amy Smith, David Collins, Robert Billings, Brian Ammon, Carl Block and Alex Cooper I would say that Laurie Saunders is the main character, because it’s often in her perspective you see things. She’s also the one who doesn’t really believe that the wave is a good thing and that makes her different from the others. Amy Smith is Laurie's’ friend who is a little bit shy and kind of lives in Laurie’s shadow. She’s like the third wheel to Laurie and her boyfriend David, she seems to be interested in David’s friend but is …show more content…

Why did Laurie’s father start to get concerned over The Wave? Laurie's father started to get concerned because a kid had been beaten up and he didn’t want Laurie to be a part in a group who beat people, and if she didn’t join the Wave maybe she would get beaten. How did the experiment end? Was it the right or the wrong way to end it? Why did Mr Ross choose Carl and Alex to help him? I think that the Wave ended in a pretty good way, because all the students realised how stupid they had been, and that was the lesson mr. Ross wanted to learn them, how people could follow a man like Hitler. He choose Alex and Carl because they weren't involved in the Wave at all, so they would do what mr. Ross told them to do without being upset. What emotions did the book invoke: laughter, tears, smiles, anger? Or, was the book just boring and meaningless? Record some of your reactions. The book wasn't meaningless, and I think that it was a good book. But I didn’t start to laugh or cry when I read it. It did made me concerned and how this could happen in real life, how people can start to follow like they did in the book. But I guess it’s possible because it happened during World War 2 and it happened again when a professor tried to make a class understand how it happened with Hitler. Compare your first impressions of the book with your impressions after reading the whole book (cf week 48-49) – how have they changed? I think that the book started as a pretty nice

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