My Life : My Father And The Purpose Of Life

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Like every other young person trying to find himself and his purpose in life, I was confused. Being a 15 year old kid, moving from one city to the next after almost every 2 years with my father, everything looked transient and temporary. I had to give up my school, my friends and my comfort zone whenever we had to move. I dreaded it. But my father made me look at it with a whole other perspective. He instilled in me a regard for the constants in one's life and what bigger constant than health and life itself. My father taught me to be committed to whatever I put my mind to. He juggled between an office job, evening classes at the law school, appearing in the judicial exams and then acing them. He is my greatest source of inspiration, strength and virtue. That is why it shook me to my core when I saw him lose all hope when diagnosed with hepatitis only to be rejuvenated later when the doctor assured him to be there for him no matter what. To be able to be there for someone when they are at their most vulnerable and help them through some of the most difficult times of their lives really fascinated me. I saw the healing powers that a doctor's words carry. Amongst all this, I believe being a doctor came naturally to me.
Despite repeated relocations, sometimes having to move in the middle of school year and at other times having to stay at an uncle's house for the rest of the school year, I made it to the medical school that every pre-medical student in Pakistan dreams of.

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