My Life Of Basketball

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Growing up in New York basketball was a big part of my life. Even as a kid always took basketball very seriously. I would do well academically just so my parents would let me to go to the park and practice. If I took care of my school responsibilities they didn’t care how much I played basketball. As I got older my passion for the game grew tremendously and I practiced the sport religiously. At the age of 13 I was invited to a tryout for a travel basketball team based out of New Jersey. Little did I know going accepting that invitation would change my life forever. 3 weeks before the tryout I tried very hard to get in the best shape as possible and make sure my skills were sharp. I wanted to prepare myself best for the tryout. Running miles every day became customary as well as shooting a thousand shots. My older brother Kenny played basketball and he would often coach me. He tends to live through me because I was much better than he was at that age. His dream was to at least have me go to college and play. Kenny knew that travel teams are a great way to get noticed by colleges at an early age. During those weeks Kenny and I worked really hard to make sure I was ready. The weeks were long and hard on me. I didn’t want to do all the running and training, but I knew it would make me a better player and help me for the tryout. Eventually the day for the tryout arrives and I am pretty excited. I knew I was prepared so I was pretty confident in my skills and ability. The

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