Basketball Personal Narrative

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Basketball my 6th grade year was rough. It was my very first year ever playing sports. Since I went to a small elementary school everyone made the team and I was the only 6th grade student that joined I was so nervous the first practice my hands were shaking way faster than I could run. The rest of the girls were eighth graders that had a ball thrown at them the second the exited the womb; let me just tell you that season sucked. Even though I cried after every game because I wasn’t good enough and in practice always crossed the finish line last I still somehow loved the game. It wasn't the only game I loved though; I also loved soccer. After I kept the benches warm 6th grade year I decided I was going to work hard. I started running a mile at least once a week. Which turned into two miles after I filled a few buckets of sweat after a couple weeks. I had convinced my uncle to let me be a substitute on his indoor soccer team since I already missed tryouts. I loved indoor soccer so much and that's when I began to really start improving. I scored my first goal that season with five others after. I loved the feeling of putting in every drop of work I could into a game that I truly loved. Travel soccer didn't only make me better at sports but I improved as a person. I began to be more positive, I worked…show more content…
Even though I worked a lot that's when I realized I hadn’t barely touched a basketball since the year before. I beat myself up about that all day in class until after school when it was time. I went to the first practice terrified expecting it to be last year all over again; that didn’t happen. This year I was the first to finish running, instead of the last. I was ten times more aggressive and confident in myself when I was told to try something new. Somehow I knew how to dribble the basketball ten times better, and my defense was great. I went home so
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