My Life Of Being A Doctor

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During my childhood years, being a Doctor is one of the profession that everyone have dreamt of. It might be because it is the most common Job that we can see as a child since you have to visit a Doctor’s office regularly to receive immunization, medical examination, or if anything goes wrong with your health, then Doctors come to the rescue. It is somehow the counterpart of being a real-life superhero. As a child, you also see the extravagant lifestyle a Doctor can have, the perks that they receive, the places they travel, the car that they drive, and the house that they call home.
I am one of the child who dreamt of becoming a Doctor, but my motivation for it is to follow my father’s footsteps. My father is a Doctor and if you happen to ask anyone with a parent who is a Physician, you or one of your siblings are already destined to be a Doctor even if you are not yet in your mother’s womb.
I was 16 years of age when I graduated high school, entered the Medicine school, at the same school where my Father graduated, and took up Medical Technology as a preparatory for Medicine. And so, now I am fulfilling my dream, which my parents dreamt for me.
I am thinking back then that at the age of 26 I can be called Dr. Diana Lyn Cruz, but after 2 ½ years of studying Medical Technology, I changed my course thru Nursing Career.
I am now at my 30’s and still, I am not yet a Doctor. The reason behind changing courses is because I wanted to earn my own money at a young age. I can…

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