My Life Of My Father

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I was seven years old when I first laid foot in Saudi Arabia; I was with my father visiting family for the first time in my life. As we got on the tube from the plane and walked towards the terminal, you are hit with that unfamiliar new smell of a country you just arrived, then to my surprise there was a big costume party that everyone are participating in, men in white dresses and red scarves on their heads, and women covered in black sheets from head to toe. I couldn’t believe my eyes that they have costume parties in the airport; is what my seven year old head thought at the time, I turned to my father and asked him, “dad why are they wearing costumes”. He looked down towards me leaned over and said “son that is our values and …show more content…

Take Afghanistan for instance according Abu-Lughod “ The United States is using the “liberation” of Muslim women to justify what was a war of aggression in Afghanistan at best, but it is an imperialist conquest at worst. “ There is a clear predejuce ideology against Muslim women in the west, today with the popularity of Islamophobia in Western societies is a global concern also the aftermath of 9-11 and terrorist attacks associated with Islam there have been many hate crimes, according to media outlets such as The Washington Post by (Ingraham, 2015), the majority of these victims were Muslim women and particularly those wearing the veil. Sonja Foss, who I will use in my article states that “ every artifact takes an evaluative position on various subjects simply by rhetorical choices that were made in creating that artifact” this rhetorical artifact is used to persuade a specific audience of something. I will show both artifacts about the veil shown in western media and what my Muslim relatives think about the subject. Go back to the time I visited my father’s family I recall my aunts and cousins who wore the veil, were asking me about America and how it was as I was talking to them I mentioned a story where I went to the pool and talked about the people, what they were wearing they were, and how it was men and women in the same pool. This surprised them, my aunts response was “how could they go out like that in front of strange men”. Also they took me to an

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