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Everyone goes through difficult times in their life. Without ups and downs occurring in your life, you wouldn’t be alive. For me, one of the most difficult times in my life that I have been through was one that happened 7 years ago involving two of my amazing cousins, Jordan and Jared. Jordan was 11 and Jared was 9 years old. With both of them being so young, you don’t think that anything will happen to them. Things happen and they can change your life forever. For some people, that change isn’t bad and they can overcome that change. For others, myself including, that change is to the point where you can’t overcome what happened. By struggling with overcoming what happened, it’s helping you grow as a person. It was Christmas Eve night and …show more content…

I had never seen those two smile like they did that night. That night had made me realize that they were both special and that they had bright futures ahead of them. January 16th, 2010. That night is one that I wish I could forget, but I know that I never will be able to. My aunt had decided to take Jordan and Jared to see Monster Jam because they loved monster trucks. Ever since they were little kids, all they wanted to do was go see Monster Jam. It had been late at night when Monster Jam had ended. My aunt had a little bit to drink, but she decided that she would still drive her and the boys home. That is one mistake my aunt wishes she could take back. At 4:30 in the morning, my parents came into my room and said, “Jordan, Jared and Jamie were involved in a car accident.” I remember just laying there in shock when they told me, “It’ll be okay.” As my parents left my bedroom, I felt tears begin to form in my eyes and at that point, I knew that it wasn’t going to be okay. When my parents came back from the hospital, I could tell something was wrong because my dad had tears in his eyes. My dad never cries unless something tragic has happened. “Jared and Jordan had been killed in the car accident. Jordan had died at the scene and they had Jared on life-support but decided to take him off.” I started to feel numb. All I could do was cry and just think about the last memory I had with them. Everyday since that accident, one thought

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