My Life With Teachers. I Pushed Past My Mom And Threw My

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My Life with Teachers I pushed past my Mom and threw my heavy book bag across the kitchen floor, speeding down my basement stairs like a child on Christmas morning. I was so excited for my favorite part of the day, that the words my mother called down to me were completely inaudible. After a long day at school, this moment was all I looked forward to. I ran across the room to my massive white board, and began to write a message across it in cursive. I stepped away, and read outloud what I had just transcribed, “Hello class, I am your teacher, Ms. Moorhouse.” I looked out into the room full of perfectly arranged stuffed animals and barbie dolls, and began to read them a book I had written. My sister shortly followed down the stairs …show more content…

I was determined to figure out words and sound them out. While all of the toys I could possibly want filled the room, the only thing that interested me was books. My favorite stories as a little girl were Goodnight Moon, and Is Your Momma a Llama, which my parents would read to me while they rocked me in my rocking chair before bed. For most of my childhood, I looked forward to bedtime; not because of sleep but because I got to pick out a story for my mom to read to me. My siblings and I would all cuddle up in my mom 's big bed as she read out our stories we picked for the night. Sometimes, we would read bits and pieces ourselves if we knew the words. The fact that my mother still managed to fit in time to spend reading to us after a stressful day at work shows how she wanted to set a good example and demonstrate her love for reading.
I used to love going into my mother 's classroom before school started in the fall. I would help her set up her bulletin boards in the hallway, and assist her with creating name tags and little goodie bags for her students first day. My mother was such an inspiration to me; it was amazing to see how much effort she put into her classroom and every little detail she perfected to make sure the kids felt welcome. I would visit my mom at work once in awhile, and I loved to sit and watch her teach. She set up a little space for me in the back of the class to observe her, and sometimes she would even let me read the children a story.

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