My Literacy Cannot Be Traced Back To One Specific Moment

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My literacy cannot be traced back to one specific moment but is rather a journey that included several key figures and many experiences. By the time I was born and began my schooling it was typical for everyone to learn to read and write. I was no exception. The main portion of my journey to literacy took place over the course of about three years, the time between starting kindergarten and finishing second grade. The exposers I would have during those few short years would lay the foundation for which I am able to write to you today. My greatest influences were teachers, experiences, and eventually books, but I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that. My journey to literacy kicks off at the beginning of kindergarten. The classroom was …show more content…

The thing that tripped me up though was the words that sounded one way and were spelled totally different. It was so frustrating sounding out a word and spelling it completely wrong. One day I told her, “It just doesn’t make any sense why these words have to be so confusing!” That’s when she said something that has stuck with me to this day. “Vince, don’t get upset. Sometimes things may seem to be one way, but that isn’t how they are at all.” This stuck with me so much because it can be applied to almost all aspects life. Shortly after that epiphany I became more confident with spelling words and began reading more and understanding more than ever before. Mrs. B also helped set the cornerstone Mrs. Reynolds would build off of to help me start forming sentences and writing to convey a message. Strangely enough, I continued to absorb all I could from my teachers. Right when I thought I had it all figured out with respect to words and spelling, Mrs. Reynolds, my second grade teacher, established my new relationship with sentences, writing, and more books. Our class room was just as amazing as the rest. There were pictures and posters all over the walls, with words I could read and new things to explore. The desks were scattered in small pods that nurtured diversity. In the back of the room there were shelves of books accompanied by squishy bean bag chairs and all things comfort. This would be the room where I wrote my first paper and read my first

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