The Most Punctual Recollections Of My Life

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A large number of the most punctual recollections that I have about learning to read and write throughout most of my life wound up being exceptionally unpleasant for me. I assume that in a manner you could even say that some of these encounters were very traumatizing for me, yet that may be a slight distortion. I can remember is as though it was genuinely the first time that I can ever recall feeling second rate about myself. I can think back about trying to figure out how to read and it seemed to be so natural, I thought I was comprehending everything perfectly. I arrived to my English class on a Friday and the room smelled like the sweet scent of cinnamon. I took my normal seat in this squeaky desk and got my notebook out. The teacher …show more content…

I was so cheerful and energized because I was certain that I could read this perfect without any flaw. However, that was not the case. I went to read the first word and I couldn’t get it out. My palms started getting sweaty and I began getting red in the face. I tried again, and still nothing. I was so confused because I seemed to read all the words in my head impeccably. Unfortunately though, reading was not the only thing I seemed to have complexities with it was also writing. I was sitting in class one day and we were figuring out how to spell and spell our names, which appeared to be pretty straightforward right? We were told to write our names 5 times and then raise our hand when we were finished. I finished so quickly and thought to myself “wow that was simple.” I was the first one finished and I was sure that I did not need any help because I seemed to have it all figured out on my own. The teacher comes to check on my paper and proceeds to let me know that I have spelled my name wrong. She had advised that I attempt again in a different way. It was pushed aside as a typical error and it never really addressed me with any significance. I proceeded like this until about first grade. The majority of my work got returned to me, corrected for me, all without help or any clarification by any means. Thinking back now, I’m not sure that my instructors were aware of how to deal with these types of problems. I can remember the cruelty of my schoolmates when

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