My Local Technology Center Pre Nursing Program Affected Me

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In life, you never expect that a bad experience will dictate what you want to do for the rest of your life. At the early age of 16, I was asked "what do you want to do for the rest of your life?" Part of me wanted to work with computers, and the other part of me wanted to go into healthcare. The choice I made that day to attend my local Technology Centers Pre-Nursing program affected me greatly in the years to come. The choices I made that day and events from that day forward taught me the true meaning of empathy and compassion.
Growing up in the small rural town of Tuttle, Oklahoma is something I would not trade for anything. I will always remember the homecoming football games. I saw these games from a different perspective than most, beginning from when I was in the marching band. I remember how hot, heavy and old the uniforms we had to wear every Friday night where. I also recall all the good memories I made with my friends on those autumn nights, from marching on the field to playing our fight song, Tiger Rag, when our team made a touchdown. For four years, starting with my Seventh-grade year this was how life was.
At the end of my sophomore year, I had to make one of three choices, the first one being I could simply stay in my high school and continue on the path that I was going. The second one being I could go to a technology center for half of the school day, and the third being I could do concurrent enrollment and start taking college courses early. I made the…
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