My Love For Poetry In Herman Melville's Moby Dick

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When I was twelve years old, I was introduced to George Watsky in a YouTube video. He was sharing his spoken-word poetry, varying between existentialism and comedy. No matter if I was crying or laughing, his poems all had the same focus; some deep, underlying message causing the audience to reflect during the last stanza. Poetry is a powerful work of emotion and escape that comes from the mind and felt in the heart. I always shared an attachment to poetry. Essays and stories contain some "deeper meaning" with symbolism and plots, but to condense these ideas into a piece of art such as poetry takes skill and imagination. Poetry is about thought and understanding; it is a form of writing that has different meanings for everyone and follows this idea of mystery, questioning how the words produce a meaning and why the piece was written. Herman Melville himself was a talented poet, including pieces in Moby Dick and resorting to it after publication. The influence of poetry by Melville in chapters and sentence structure in Moby Dick provides complexity and magnitude in his style, and the jumbled thoughts of Ishmael leave the readers engaged.
My love for poetry sprouted as a child; I spent all my days outside observing nature and constantly admiring and studying art. I never considered writing papers or essays one of my strong suits as I got older, but poetry always acted as a safe-space where my thoughts could be put into words and I did not have to worry about length. The process

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