My Love Story

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It was September 3, 2017 and today was a big day for me. Today was my birthday, and I just turned fifteen. I just moved to a new school too cause my parents got a divorce and I was living with my mom. I got a good morning text from my boyfriend Charlee, it read, “Hey babe happy birthday, hope you have good first day at your new school. Love You.” Charlee and I have been dating for three years ever since seventh grade. The day was as cool as summer's day. It was warm with a cool breeze, it felt as if I was by the beach all along. It felt so good to be outside for the first time, since I have been inside all day unpacking. Once I walked into the school I went to the principal’s office to get my classes and my schedule. “Hi, um i’m in here to get my schedule and locker.” I told the lady at the front desk. “ Please take a seat.” I took a seat and saw Charlee walk out of the principal’s office with balloons and flowers. I assumed they were for me so I stood up and tried to get his attention, but he was talking to one of his friends. The lady at the front desk handed me my schedule and my lock for my locker. I walked out of the office and Charlee had come out running. He came out yelling “Cami! Cami! Where are you going?” I am trying to go to my locker and find my first class before I am late.” I responded. He took my schedule and said “Oh we have first and second period together and these are for you.” He handed me a bouquet of flowers and

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