A True Love Story

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He didn’t have very good luck until one day when he was wandering through the forest. As he was walking, he approached a hungry and mean bear. At this same time, Hestia was walking in the same forest, but in the opposite direction as Pan. She was walking through the forest to go check on her hearth in Rome.
As Pan was quietly trying to not disturb the hungry bear, he accidentally stepped on a stick which alerted the bear. The bear then began to charge toward Pan. He then pulled out his pan flute and began playing a soothing song. The bear calmed down and went on with his search for something to eat.
After Hestia watched the whole scene, she couldn’t get Pan out of her head. She had instantly fallen in love with him and his wonderful flute playing. She went up to Pan and told him how brave he was to calm that mean bear down. She also told him that he played lovely music. They then continued going their opposite ways through the forest. Before Hestia was out of sight, Pan yelled that he would see her again someday. He was sure of it. The next day, Pan set out to find his love, Hestia. He again walked through the same forest to see if Hestia was going back home from Rome. He still never saw her, but he never gave up hope. He continued searching for her, day after day, in the same forest. After about 2 weeks of searching for Hestia, he began losing hope. He thought to himself that true love is too good to be…

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