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An Experience to My Major The existence of various languages around the world only prevail in specific regions, while the dominance of the English language overseas such existence. However, its dominance has not discouraged the practice of other languages such as Spanish. Moreover, in Aria: Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood, Richard Rodriguez, divides language into two ways; the language he speaks in the private sphere “Spanish” and in the public sphere “English”. This division between these two languages enthralled him to assimilate and encouraged him to pay close attention to the sounds produced by the different ways of speech. Since the impact of the different sounds and language spheres increased the distance between his first language. …show more content…

Since none of them spoke Spanish and knew my mom did not speak English, they called in the same office clerk to translate. This time I paid closer attention in the way she translated because if there was some sort of miscommunication my brother’s progress would be affected because the intended goals would be taking place at school and at home. Towards the middle of the meeting my mom asked the psychologist why my brother was unable to retain the information he had just learned; the office clerk then translated that piece of information to the psychologist. When the psychologist replied the office clerk was unable to explain what she meant to my mom therefore I went ahead and explained it to her. As a result they were surprised by it because the office clerk stumbled and was unable to give my mom a clear explanation. After that they actually took me into consideration because they realized that I have had develop a great translation experience. Since I managed to translate better than the office clerk during the upcoming meetings they did not call her in to translate anymore. I was now expected to translate the entire meeting, it made me feel challenged, but I the

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