My Memory From My Past

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When I think about a memory from my past, one vivid image comes to mind. This image was especially important to me because it altered my perspective on life and it also helps me create a philosophy for myself. This memory all started on a beautiful Saturday morning in the middle of June. I woke up with a big yawn, and my green eyes fluttered open. It was a new day and I wanted to go bike riding, but who would go with me, I wondered as I slowly took my covers off and sat up in bed. I knew my siblings wouldn’t go with me, they usually ignored me back then. I also know my mom wouldn’t go with me, she wasn’t the bike riding type. Now I was out of bed and choosing an outfit for the day and I continued to contemplate who would go bike riding …show more content…

I asked myself what if he’s too busy for a bike ride. I knew he worked a lot and that’s why I barely ever got to see him let alone hang out with him. I didn’t want him to ruin the very rare day off because I wanted to go bike riding. I started to make my way back to the door and accidentally knocked over some old golf balls. At that point, the saw was turned off and my dad heard the golf ball fall over. He turned around and saw me on the ground picking them up, and he took the safety goggles that he had now took off and walked over and helped me pick up the golf balls. “ I’m sorry,” I said as I picked up the last golf ball and placed it in the old white bucket that it was originally in. “ It’s fine,” he replied while putting the bucket on the ping-pong table. I could see how tired he was, he had circles under his big brown eyes. “ Is there a reason you came in here,” he asked me with a crooked smile. I hesitated, wondering if I should ask him or if asking him would be a selfish act. “ I was wondering if you wanted to go bike riding with me,” I asked with the little hope I stored up in myself. “ Of course, I would be delighted to,” he replied. I couldn’t believe it, I was filled with so much joy. I ran to my father and hugged him. Then I made my way up the stairs to the living room and waited for him to come. My father slowly came up the stairs and after several minutes of having to wait for him, he finally was ready. I

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